Paranormal Witness
1 Season, Episode 6
Watch in the Wilderness
Issue date September 21, 2011
Episode List
The Poltergeist
The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion
Watch in the Wilderness is the second part of the third episode.  It dayviewed on September 21, 2011 as part of Season 1 of Paranormal Witness.  It aired after the episode The Poltergeist.


Subject Name: Jeff Boiler

Subject Location: Oregon, Cascade Mountains

Paranormal Experience: A mysterious creature in the woods


Jeff Boiler was a deputy sheriff in the Cascade Mountains. After getting off his shift early one day, he decided to take a hike. When he stopped to map out a new route, what he saw through his compass stopped him in his tracks. It was a person, but it was not a human being, and it was watching him.

Before Jeff could reach around to get his weapon, the creature disappeared. It moved too fast to have been a human. Curious, Jeff followed it.

When he reached the open area where he'd seen the creature, Jeff was unable to locate any tracks to follow. Unfortunately, Jeff was in a position where if he didn't turn back then, he wouldn't make it back to his car before dark. So, he turned back, taking a route that he hoped would put more space between him and the creature.

That was when he heard the enormous snapping sound like gunfire. Nothing short of a breaking tree could have made such a massive sound. Jeff began to run, and heard another loud snap within moments. Jeff, a former Marine and a long-time police officer, was scared to death.

As darkness encroached, the snaps began to get closer. The creature could see him, but Jeff couldn't see it.

Jeff's run halted in a clearing when he encountered a deer. She didn't seem to be afraid of humans. While he stood there, she sniffed the air, then took off as fast as he had ever seen a deer run. Jeff knew he was being watched. He was convinced he was being hunted.

He took off running for his car. The snapping trees followed, growing closer. They finally stopped when he reached the car. Jeff fumbled with the keys to the car, knowing that the creature could attack at any moment. Finally, he got the door open and began fighting with the ignition to get the car started. After a few heart-stopping attempts to start the car, the engine finally turned over, allowing him to escape.

When he got back to the sheriff's office, he needed to talk to someone, so he confided to the sheriff about what he had encountered. The sheriff informed him that there had been reports of big hairy creatures all over the area. He told Jeff not to write up a report, and not to talk about it, which Jeff did not do.

Out ComeEdit

All Jeff knew was that he was never going back there.

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