The Verdere family is a family that owns a house in center of Chicago, Illinois.  There is Myra Verdere the last of the Verdere family living in the house.  Ben Verdere the oldest and the most bossy of the family, and finally there is the youngest, Henry Verdere.  Their family had owned the house since it was built on the grounds back in 1910's.  Now the older brother and the youngest brother haunts the tenants that live in the house.

Myra VerdereEdit

Myra Vedere is a elderly lady and the last member of the Vedere family living in the family house.  When first met she cussed and ranted that no one will take the house.  Despite that she is totally right.  She was removed from the house by the family and sent to an old folk's home.  She is the only girl that lived in this house when Ben Verdere and Henry Verdere was alive.

Ben VerdereEdit

Ben Vendeer
Ben Verdere is the eldest of the family.  He was very bossy in life. He was also very cruel to his wife and is believed to be the one who killed his younger brother Henry Verdere.  He had a perverted idea of cutting pictures of girls from magazines and cutting off their heads. Ben later died from a heart attack in his bath tub. After his death he still remains a cold cruel spirit in the house, he moves things around and makes noises that cause chaos in the house. He has attempted to kill anyone he feels to be a bother to his powers.

Henry VedereEdit

Henry Vedeer 2
Henry Vedere is the youngest brother of the family.  He is considered to be the most evil to the family and was considered to be deformed by the members.  He was never let out of the house and only on special occasions that he is allowed to be seen by people.  He was killed by Ben Verdere.  As a ghost he is more of a bother.  Playing with the piano, speaking to the inhabitants.  No one knows the reason for his death or why he still remains in the house after his death.
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