Traped Elderly Spirit Women

The Trapped Spirits in the episodes "The Coven" is various and comes from the past of the house's history. The house was hexed by three evil Witches so that the spirits could not leave the house. Each spirit has died in the house.

Trapped Elderly ManEdit

Traped Elderly Sprit uncle 1

The Elderly Man died in the house not too long before the recent inhabitants had moved in. He liked to smoke cigars or cigarettes. The previous tenants locked his spirit in a room near to the entrance of the house to prevent him from escaping.

Trapped Young GirlEdit

Traped Little Girl

The trapped young girl is a spirit of a child that died after falling down the stairs. She was seen from the oldest son.

Hang ManEdit

Hang man

The Hang Man maybe the first and the earliest spirit. He committed suicide on the property by hanging himself.


The reason each spirit are trapped inside the house is because it was hexed by three evil witches. The witches left trinkets that contain their powers in them. There was a pentagram left in a room hidden underneath a carpet. In the end, the witches were furious to find out they were released and they knew the tenants who moved in blessed the house.