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Paranormal Witness
1 Season, Episode 2
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Issue date September 7, 2011
Episode List
Emily the Imaginary Friend
Haunted Highway

The Lost Girl is the second part of the first episode of Paranormal Witness. It is part of season 1.  It aired on September 7, 2011.  The first part is "Emily the Imaginary Friend".


Subject Names: Stephanie and Misty Tasker, Moni, a Pakistani exchange student in the Tasker house

Sighting: Live Oak, Florida, Florida State Road 136

Paranormal Experience:Roadside ghost


One Sunday, as Stephanie Tasker was driving back from church with Misty and their resident exchange student Moni, Misty noticed a little girl by the roadside. Misty was overcome by the feeling that something was not right. When Stephanie turned the car around to check on what they thought was a little girl, the group discovered that it was in fact a teenager sitting with her knees curled up, rocking. They drive a short distance past her and turn around again, only to find the girl has disappeared. Stephanie dismisses it as the girl walking into the woods, but Misty is still unsettled. They drive on for another couple of miles, when Misty suddenly sees the girl again in the headlights. Misty begins freaking out, as she became convinced that it’s not humanly possible to move that far without being seen. She becomes sick to her stomach, insisting they just go, but Stephanie insists that they check to make sure the girl doesn’t need help.

Fearing the worst, Misty begins to curl into a fetal position on the floor of the car. She’s convinced that the situation is very wrong.

Stephanie leans over and rolls down the window to see if the girl needs any help. Misty is overcome with dread. Finally, the girl turns to face them, but she doesn’t have a face. Her face is hollow and there’s nothing there.

Stephanie, usually a very cautious driver, speeds off and has them home in ten minutes. She calls 911, but reports a girl by the side of the road possibly in need of assistance instead of a girl with a hollow face.


The police searched, but found nothing. Misty later discovered that a girl from her school had died in a car crash in the same spot they saw the girl without a face.