Paranormal Witness
2 Season, Episode 12
Hollywood Sign
Issue date October 17, 2012
Episode List
Ghost in the Garden
The Good Skeleton
The Hollywood Sign Haunting is the first part of the eleventh episode of Season 2.  It is the twentieth second episode of Paranormal Witness.  It aired on October 17, 2012 with the episode The Good Skeleton.


Subject Names: Tina, Alain, Brian, Al

Subject Location: Hollywood, California

Paranormal Experience: The ghost of Peg Enwhistle


Tina, Alain, Brian, and Al were all friends. Tina was the baby of the bunch. After a night at Dodger Stadium, they were trying to figure out what to do instead of going home. Brian suggested they go up and try to touch the Hollywood sign, even though the area was off-limits. Alain had his concerns, as he was more 'by the rules' than the others, but they took off in the cars and headed down Sunset Boulevard.

When they got to the fence surrounding the sign, they ignored the big "No Trespassing" sign, jumped the fence and headed up. The closer they got, the more exciting the trip became. Reaching the Hollywood sign brought them a sense of euphoria. They'd gone right to something they'd grown up seeing, even though it had required breaking the rules to get there.

As it got close to midnight, they decided it was time to take Tina home. Brian led the way back down the hill. One misplaced foot later, Brian was sliding down the hill, out of sight of his friends. The trio called for him, still hearing the brush crackling as he slid. Brian did not answer. After long, agonizing moments, Brian finally began crawling back up and met up with his friends. That was enough for the group to realize the gravity of the situation. They headed back down the path to their cars. As they walked, Brian saw a person on the path coming toward them. It was a woman, wearing a dress similar to the style of the 1930s. She wore heels, and a veil over her face. She walked effortless up the hill. Her footsteps made no sound.

Brian tried to speak to her, but she didn't respond. She kept approaching them on the path. When they saw the woman's face, the foursome ran for their lives. The only thought in any of their minds was to get out of there. Alain stopped briefly when he heard Tina lose her footing, but grabbed her when he saw the woman standing behind his friend. They all reached the fence, got either over or through it, and drove for their lives, the woman chasing them until they reached that fence. Nobody wanted to say it, but they all knew they'd just seen a ghost.


Alain heard the urban legend of the "Lady in White", and researched it. He knew they had encountered the ghost of Peg Entwhistle, who had committed suicide by jumping from the Hollywood sign.

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