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Season 1 (2011)[]




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Original Airdate


"Emily the Imaginary Friend/The Lost Girl"

private home, Baltimore, Maryland, and Florida State Route 136, Live Oak, Florida

Gillian Patcher

September 7, 2011

In the series premiere, in 2008, Isabella, a 5-year-old girl's friendship with an invisible ghost named Emily turns ominous and puts her family in danger in their own home. Next, a mother and daughter relive an encounter in 2004 on a desolate dirt road where a local teenage girl died in a car crash.


"Haunted Highway/Kentucky UFO Chase"

Bullion Bend, U.S. Route 50, El Dorado County, California, and airspace over Jefferson County, Kentucky

Alex Dunlop

September 14, 2011

In 1994, a ghost of a woman who appears totally naked provides a clue into the tragedy of a mother and son who went missing for 5 days while driving on Highway 50 by mile marker 16 near Placerville, California. Next, the story of a police helicopter on a routine flight over Beutil Road near Louisville, Kentucky which may have come into contact with a UFO in 1993.


"The Poltergeist/Watch in the Wilderness"

private home, Moreno Valley, California, and the Cascade Mountains,Oregon

Diene Petterle

September 21, 2011

In 2006, a family is harassed by a malevolent poltergeist in their new home in California. Then, a former deputy sheriff tells the tale of an unidentified creature he encountered alone in the Cascade mountains of the Oregon wilderness in 1997.


"The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion"

Mansfield Mansion, Mansfield, Connecticut

Simon George

September 28, 2011

When a woman begins renovating a run-down Connecticut mansion on Black Creek Drive in 1994, she awakens the evil spirits already living inside, and latter discovers the home was part of the Mansfield Training School, a mental asylum that opened in 1860.


"The Dangerous Game /Trumbull County UFO"

Trumbull County, Ohio and private home, Virginia Beach

Stephen Kemp

October 5, 2011

A malevolent spirit called "Vox" summoned from a Ouija board terrorizes a young family in their own home in Virginia starting in 2008, causing them to call in a Native American spirit guide to cleanse the house a few years later. Next, A night of UFO sightings and strange lights in the sky first over Sampson Drive a quiet residential neighborhood in Liberty, Ohio, are documented on archival police radio recordings at the Trumbull County 911 Dispatch in 1994.


"The Rain Man "

private home and Monroe County Prison, Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania

Neil Rawles

October 12, 2011

In 1983, a Monroe County Prison convict allowed out of jail to attend his grandfather's funeral finds himself the victim of demonic possession giving him the power to make it rain indoors.

Season 2 (2012)[]




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Original Airdate


"Man In the Attic"

private home, San Pedro, California

Stephen Kemp

August 8, 2012

Between 1988 and 1990, a young mother in suburban California is terrorized by the apparent spirit of an old man in the attic of her home. A team of paranormal investigators document the haunting, and are assaulted by the ghost when they venture into the attic.


"Brooklyn Haunting"

private home, Brooklyn, New York

Dan Clifton

August 15, 2012

A mother and her two daughters are haunted by a previous owner's daughter-in-law who refused to cross to the other side after her death.


"Capitol Theater Haunting"

Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dan Clifton

August 22, 2012

On his new job, a security officer encounters the spirit of a young hero who perished while trying to rescue victims in a fire at Capitol Theater.


"The Dybbuk Box"

Addy's Market (antique store), Portland, Oregon; private homes, Kirksville, Missouri

Russell England

August 29, 2012

A antique shop owner buys a locked wine cabinet from an estate auction. Inadvertently, he opens the cabinet and unleashes a Dybbuk.


"Lady on the Stairs[19]"

private home, Holly, Michigan

Russell England

September 5, 2012

Newly married to a former widower, a woman and her son are haunted by the spirit of a young woman after they move into her new husband's house.


"The Apartment"

private home, Chico, California

Richard Curson Smith

September 12, 2012

After moving into a new apartment, a woman experiences progressive dreams of a murder that took place there.


"The Real Haunting in Connecticut"

private home, Southington, Connecticut

Sam Hobkinson

September 19, 2012

When a boy is diagnosed with cancer, his family moves closer to a cancer treatment facility only to find that the house they rented used to be a funeral home. In addition to his illness, his family now must face the evil supernatural inhabitants.


"Fox Hollow Farm"

private home, Westfield, Indiana

Ian Clark

September 26, 2012

A man, his family and his co-worker/renter move into a 'too good to be true' property only to find it to be the former home of alleged serial killer, Herb Baumeister.


"The Abduction"

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest  Arizona

Stephen Kemp

October 3, 2012

A reenactment of the 1975 Travis Walton UFO abduction.


"The Cabin/Ghost in the Garden"

private home, London, Ohio/private home, Raleigh, North Carolina

Sam Hobkinson/Neil Rawles

October 10, 2012

A creature with 14-in. feet is tracked to a cabin in the woods of London, Ohio; and in North Carolina, a man claims to see an apparition of a red-haired girl running across his backyard.


"The Hollywood Sign Haunting/The Good Skeleton"

The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, California/private home, Yuba City, California

Neil Rawles/Sam Hobkinson

October 17, 2012

Four friends wonder if they have encountered the legendary Lady in White when they meet a woman in a long, white dress after hiking up the Hollywood Hills; a family discovers a ghostly protector in their new home in Yuba City, California.


"The Tenants"

private home, Chicago, Illinois

Neil Rawles

October 24, 2012

After buying a two apartment building, a young couple and their baby experience terrifying reminders from previous owners that it will never be their property.

Season 3 (2013)[]

Ep# Title Locations Directed by Original Airdate
3.01 "The Long Island Terror" private home, Long Island, New York Crispin Reece June 5, 2013
After losing her husband to a fire, a single mother with two daughters moves into a new home. She says the home was used for ritualistic practices and is now a doorway for a demonic entity that torments the family. 
3.02 "The Lost Boy" private home, Gardner, Massachusetts Neil Rawles June 12, 2013
A couple purchases a Victorian Era home and encounters the spirit of a young boy and something darker, eventually discovering the house is a former brothel and the ghost child may be a prostitute's son. 
3.03 "The Curse of Lonergan Farm" Lonergan Farm, Broken Bow, Nebraska Russell England June 19, 2013
Three brothers reunite on a family farm, only to be haunted by one of their ancestors. 
3.04 "Dining With The Dead" Renovated church turned Restaurant, El Paso, Texas Crispin Reece June 26, 2013
A former Spiritualist church undergoes renovations by a couple planning to turn it into a restaurant; however, the process invokes the wrath of something that was summoned during the building's old days as a church. 
3.05 "Deliver Us from Evil" Private home, Kokomo, Indiana Neil Rawles July 10, 2013
A religious family man does battle against a demonic force that is hellbent on tormenting his family. The demon attacks his children and defies his strong religious belief. 
3.06 "The Hospital Hauntings" Hospitals across the United States Carl Hindmarch July 17, 2013
The various stories of U.S. hospital patients and workers who have experienced paranormal activity, including an encounter with the Grim Reaper itself. 
3.07 "The Manson Curse" Private home, Los Angeles, California Will Bridges July 24, 2013
A newly built home in California becomes a hotbed of paranormal activity. The spirits in question turn out to be the victims of Charles Manson and his cult. 
3.08 "The Bad Man" Private home Slanesville, West Virginia Russell England July 31, 2013
A family that moves into a home in a small Southern town experiences activity caused by a maelevolent entity named "The Bad Man," who in life was a child molester. 
3.09 "The Wolf Pack" Private home, Palmyra, Maine Will Bridges August 7, 2013
A family moving to a local Maine town are terrorized by Wolf-like beasts. 
3.10 "The Saint of Death" Private home, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico Carl Hindmarch August 14, 2013
A man is terrorized in his apartment by a spirit called "Santa Muerte" 
3.11 "The Lynchville Secret" Private home, Ponca City, Oklahoma Sebastian Smith August 21, 2013
An Oklahoma family is attacked in their new home by the ghost of a corrupt politician. 
3.12 "The House on the Lake" Private home, Saranac Lake, New York Julian Hart August 28, 2013
A property developer who turned an old lakeside mansion into apartments unaware that the home was once used as a refuge for tuberculosis sufferers in the 1920s. 
3.13 "A Ghostly Affair" Private home, Monticello, Arkansas James Bryce September 11, 2013
A college educator and his family move into a Victorian era-like home, soon afterwards the family is terrorized by the visions of the past. 
3.14 "Through the Eyes of a Killer" Private home, Morristown, New Jersey James Bryce September 18, 2013
A psychic has visions of brutal murders at the hands of a serial killer, and assists police in their pursuit of the killer. 
3.15 "The Innocent" Private home, Chilton, Wisconsin TBA September 25, 2013
A family who moves into a new home in Wisconsin learn that it used to be a foster home from a former occupant & of a tragic incident that took place there 45 years before, is that what's responsible for the strange phenomena they've been experiencing. 
3.16 "The Coven" Private home, Greenville, South Carolina TBA October 2, 2013
A family moves into a new home & soon start experiencing activity, that may be the result of rituals performed by a coven of witches. 
3.17 "The Visitors" Private home, Arlington, Texas TBA November 6, 2013
A Texas man witnesses a bizarre ritual being performed, yet an evil paranormal entity follows him home and creates havoc. 
3.18 "The Harpy" Private home, Atchison, Kansas TBA November 13, 2013
The Pickman family and their encounter with a spirit named "Sallie" haunting their Kansas home, and something much more evil inhabiting the home as well. 
3.19 "The Exorcist" Private home Indianapolis, Indiana and Rome, Italy TBA November 20, 2013
An exorcist battles against a demonic force possessing an Indiana woman. 
3.20 "Rendelsham Files" Rendlesham ForestSuffolk, England TBA November 27, 2013
A retelling of the Rendlesham Forest incident where a military base, RAF Woodbridge was visited by a supposed alien craft. 

Season 4 (2015)[]

If there is a season 4, this where it will be going. October 29, 2014; paranormal series receive 13 episode orders and will return in 2015 to create a chilling night of original programming for the network.  Season 4 will be starting August 26, 2015.




Directed by

Original Airdate


"The Motel"

Windrift Motel, Madison, Indiana Crispin Reece August 26, 2015

The abandoned Windrift Motel may push its owners to the brink of evil.


"Nightmare on Chestnut Street"

Private home, Kent, Ohio Neil Rawles September 2, 2015

Three college students are terrorized by a demon intent on tearing their lives apart.


"The Molech"

Private home, Brentwood, Pennsylvania David Belton September 9, 2015
A family battles the ghost of an evil physician ... and a demon-god known as Molech.


"Suzy Doll"

Private home, West Haven, Connecticut David Belton September 16, 2015
A possessed doll stops at nothing to steal a little girl's spirit.


"Poppy's Revenge"

Private home, North East, Pennsylvania Will Bridges September 23, 2015

A deceased grandfather returns to torment the granddaughter that turned off his life support.


"The Dark Pond"

Private home, Ashland, Ohio Neil Rawles September 30, 2015

The Snyder family must battle an evil entity that lives in their pond or lose their daughter forever.


"Demon House"

Private home, Springfield, Louisiana Will Bridges October 7, 2015
A dark and terrifying demon haunts a couple's new home.


"Sacred Ground"

Private home, Loess Hills, Onawa, Iowa Crispin Reece October 14, 2015
Malevolent spirits leave a stroke victim and her family battling for their sanity and lives.


"The Fireplace"

Private Apartment, Washington, Missouri Crispin Reece October 21, 2015
A single mother must battle the spirit of a witch that lives behind her boarded-up fireplace.


"The Real Conjuring" Private Home, Harrisville, Rhode Island Sebastian Smith October 28, 2015
Ed and Lorraine Warren, the real-life investigators from The Conjuring, must help a family battle a malevolent force.


"When Hell Freezes Over"

Private Home, Hinesberg, Vermont David Belton November 4, 2015

Three young women are tormented by the spirit of a preacher who brings down fire, brimstone and terror.


"Beneath the Rock"

Military Post, Observation Point Rock, Afghanistan Sebastian Smith November 11, 2015
U.S. Marines face off against an evil entity outside a remote Afghanistan outpost.


"Ashes to Ashes"

Whittier, California David Belton November 18, 2015
A family's dead relative wants them out of the house they inherited ... and will do anything to make it happen.

Season 5 (2016)[]

This is the latest season of Paranormal Witness, and the succies of last season a new season is on tapes.  Keep an eye out for the latest season start up.  On November 18, 2015, it is annouced that there is 13 new episodes of Paranormal Witness episode to premiere in 2016.




Directed by

Original Airdate


Voodoo Preacher Pricate Home, Rockford, Alabama

Russell Eatough

August 3, 2016
A family moves into a home haunted by a voodoo spirit.


They Are Mine Private Home, Savannah, Georgia

Elliot Goldner

August 10, 2016
Three college roommates are tormented by the spirit of a dead junkie.


From H.E.L.L. Private Home and Apartment, Houston, Texas

Russell Eatough

August 17, 2016
A young girl breaks the rules of the Ouija board, inviting an evil spirit into her home.


The Contract Private Home, Bowling Green, Ohio

Elliot Goldner

August 24, 2016
A young man faces the consequences of a deal with the devil he made as a teenager.


The Zozo Private Home, Lawton, Oklahoma

Matthew Catling

August 31, 2016
A war vet and his family move into a new home, only to be tormented by a demonic entity.


The Mothman Curse Point Pleasant, West Virginia, Private Home, Rural, Maryland

Matthew Catling

September 7, 2016
After a trip to Point Pleasant, a couple is tormented by the mysterious entity known as Mothman.


Nebraska Fiend Farm, Norman, Nebraska

Sebastian Smith

September 14, 2016
A family moves into a new home, only to be haunted by the spirit of Stephen Richards.


The Pit Private Home, Santa Susana Knolls, California

Sebastian Smith

September 21, 2016
A woman buys a house in a rough neighborhood, and is haunted by the spirit of another woman who was murdered there.


The Ranch Private Ranch, Abilene, Texas

Harry Hewland

September 28, 2016
After taking in their dying grandmother, a family is haunted by wolf-like spirits.


The Jail Estrella Jail, Phoenix, Arizona

Alexandra Lacey

October 5, 2016
Guards and inmates of a state prison are driven to madness by the spirits haunting its halls.


The Hotel Lemp Mansion Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri

Harry Hewland

October 12, 2016
A hotel is haunted by the spirit of the land's previous owner.


The Mojave Encounter Mojave Reserve, Mojave Desert, Mid Hills, California and Private Home, Asheville, North Carolina

Neil Rawles

October 19, 2016
A married couple undergo hypnosis to remember missing time from an alien abduction.


The Night Ward Old South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital, South Pittsburg, Tennessee TBA October 26, 2016
A team of paranormal investigators spend a night in an abandoned hospital with a history of hauntings.