Paranormal Witness
2 Season, Episode 11
Ghost in the Garden
Issue date October 3, 2012
Episode List
The Cabin
The Hollywood Sign Haunting
Ghost in the Garden is the second part of the tenth episode of season 2.  It is also the twentieth first episode of the Paranormal Witness series.  It aired with The Cabin on October 3, 2012.


Subject Names: Ray Boykin, David Boykin

Subject Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Paranormal Experience: A mysterious little red-haired girl


Ray Boykin's family had lived in the Raleigh area for at least 200 years. His son, David, was moving back to Raleigh with his wife Kim, and adopted son. In the back of the Boykin family residence sat a house that Ray's sister had lived in until about three years previous. Ray had decided to do some tidying up in the house one day. He said the house had a completely different atmosphere when he entered. He moved his sister's old cane into a corner so he could clean. The cane suddenly hit the floor. He moved it to another corner, but it flew across the room as though it had been thrown.

David was out in the yard mowing the lawn when something caused the mower to lock up. When he checked, there was a small magnet in the grass. He had no idea how it had gotten there. He went to get his father. As they watched, objects appeared in the yard from David's workbench in his house. Ray thought it was a prank. One Saturday, while David, his wife, and their son were outside, the stereo in the house came on by itself. David checked the back doors to make sure they were still locked, then went into the house. There was no one there. He turned off the stereo. Within seconds, the television came on by itself.

Late one afternoon, David heard a storm approaching. He looked out the window to check the situation. In the distance, a little girl was staring at him. David chased her, worried that she might hit the electric fence that surrounded the old farmhouse. The little girl, however, disappeared. David asked Kim if she'd seen a little red-haired girl in the backyard. Kim hadn't Neither had Ray.

David's son had a figure of Woody from TOY STORY. It was his favorite. One night, after he put his son to bed, David had to go back to the old farmhouse. His jaw dropped when he saw his son's Woody doll on the end table in the house. His son had never been back there.

Later that night, David thought he heard someone in the house. He grabbed his video camera and began walking through the house. When he reached the main stairway upstairs, the little girl sat a little more than halfway up, just staring at him. David ran up the stairs. She disappeared.

David began sitting with his son each night to protect him. He went to the Internet, and found a smudging ceremony. He tried the sage ritual, and recited Psalm 23 at each door and window.

After that, things quieted down. Until one night, when David was resting, he saw her standing on his back deck. He didn't think she was malicious, just being playful. David and Ray tried to research who the spirit might have been. David decided to try to find someone in the family history who had red hair. In the old farmhouse was a picture of the only redhead they could find, an aunt named Petronia.


Petronia had had a difficult life, and Boykins believes that she has re-manifested as a child, because it was the best time of her life.

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