No Eyed Deamon
Demons are the unholy creatures of the devil who serve him. According to the Abrahamic Religions, they are believe to be the Fallen Angels who sided with Lucifer in the War in Heaven and were banished to Hell as punishment by God.  They like to possess people that are either sick, injured, young, old or weak. Once they arrive in the body of a human, the person inside would change to the worse, as evident by the man in the picture the demon possessed had his face disfigured and a woman who was possessed by multiple demons had her life fell apart for 15 years. Signs of demonic possession are speaking in foreign languages, knowledge of hidden things, display of superhuman strength or supernatural powers, and eyes rolling back to the head to reveal demonic eyes.  Demons appearances varies from terrifying inhumane creatures to ordinary humans. There is one weakness, is through the power of God and Jesus Christ: through the holy prayer, holy water, exorcism, crucifix and anything that is blessed by a priest, the pope, cardinal and bishop can destroy demons.  One major part about demons is that they tend to have psychokinesis and other supernatural powers and are considered to be very, very dangerous and should never be be taken lightly by anyone, even by a priest.

Other DemonsEdit

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